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Estate Planning

An Estate Planning Guide: Essential Things to Do

By Stelzner Law Firm | March 16, 2023

Estate planning is an important process for everyone to consider, as it helps to ensure that your assets and possessions are properly managed when you pass away. Estate planning involves more than just writing a will; it is a comprehensive process that involves making decisions about how your estate will be managed, who will receive…


8 Common Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

By Stelzner Law Firm | March 15, 2023

Real estate lawyers play an important role in protecting people’s investments in property. Whenever there’s a big purchase or sale of property, it’s wise to seek out the help of a professional lawyer who understands complex real estate contracts and is knowledgeable of local and federal laws that may affect the transaction. Here are eight…

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When Do You Need to Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

By Stelzner Law Firm | March 15, 2023

When buying or selling a home, a number of legal issues and paperwork must be handled to complete the transaction. Hiring a real estate attorney can guide you to navigate these complex legal matters, protect your interests, and ensure that the process is completed efficiently and effectively. Real estate attorneys specialize in state and federal…

Estate Planning

7 Reasons Why You Should Conduct Estate Planning Early

By Stelzner Law Firm | March 15, 2023

Caring for your family is a fundamental responsibility, especially if you are the provider. After all, your family relies on you to meet their basic needs, such as food, shelter, and clothing. However, our time in this world is limited, and we do not want our families to be left behind to face the future…

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Attorneys and Real Estate Closings: What You Need to Know

By Stelzner Law Firm | March 15, 2023

Real estate closings can be complex, and having an attorney present can make the process easier. Attorneys are essential to the closing process, providing advice and legal representation to both buyers and sellers. They are responsible for reviewing documents, representing their client’s interests, and ensuring that all legal requirements are met. Learn more about the…

What You Need to Know About Purchase & Sale Contract and Agreements

By Stelzner Law Firm | January 17, 2023

When a potential buyer puts an offer on a home, their agent creates a purchase agreement to present to the seller. This document contains vital information about the transaction, including the price the buyer is offering. Here, the seller finds financing terms, the date the buyer would like to take possession, any contingencies, and more. …

Real Estate Titles-What are They and Which Do I Need?

By Stelzner Law Firm | December 15, 2022

Individuals who own real estate possess a deed to show this ownership. However, several types of real estate titles exist today, and this confuses many individuals. Every person must know the different titles to ensure they get the correct one for the property they own. They must also understand how a title differs from a…

Landlord and Tenant Disputes and Issues that Need Legal Support

By Stelzner Law Firm | November 21, 2022

Disputes between a landlord and tenant are common, and there are many ways to find a reasonable solution to the problem. Sometimes, however, the issue is or becomes severe enough to warrant legal intervention. Seeking legal assistance or taking the case to court can happen if there are issues with the rights of the tenant…

Deeds: Why Are They Such a Big Deal?

By Stelzner Law Firm | October 18, 2022

When a person buys or sells property, they encounter many legal terms and phrases. They may not know what the different terms mean, which is why they work with an attorney as the process moves forward. One term that will come up during the sale or purchase is the word deed. What is a deed,…

Boundary Disputes

By Stelzner Law Firm | September 26, 2022

Boundary disputes between neighbors can happen to anyone. While it may seem like the boundaries are set in stone, often, boundaries can change over time. There could be confusion over exactly where the boundaries for a piece of property are, and disputes can lead to stressful and expensive outcomes for either party involved. Any potential…