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Real Estate Law

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The real estate industry has a major effect on most peoples’ lives. It concerns the purchase and transfer of land, and the properties that exist on that land, and regularly sees sums being transferred in the hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars – so there’s a lot at stake. A real estate attorney can help you to navigate the various rules and regulations associated with this industry, and in some cases, it’s required that you have a real estate lawyer look over the relevant documentation to make sure that everything is being done above board. At Steltzner Law Firm, we’re happy to provide a broad range of real estate law services, and in doing so, we can protect you and your interests from harm, and facilitate the real estate moves that you’re planning on making. To find out a little more about what real estate law is, and why you ought to place your trust in our team, read on below.


What is Real Estate Law?

So, what exactly is real estate law, and why is it something that you need to care about? Real estate law (sometimes referred to as real property law) is a pretty general term that revolves around the buying, selling, and letting of land and physical properties. Real estate laws govern how people can acquire property, as well as what they can do with any property that they already own. Generally speaking, the majority of real estate law comes from state laws – which is to say that they’re governed by South Carolina state laws in our case.


Varied Assistance

As we mentioned previously, real estate law is extremely diverse in nature, and that means that there could be need for a local real estate attorney for many different reasons. It’s common for us to provide assistance during the acquisition or sale of a property, ensuring that the necessary procedures are followed – but real estate law also involves property taxes, estate planning, titles, zoning, and a broad range of related activities and processes. If you’re not sure whether we have the capability to assist you with your situation, our customer service team can give you the answers that you’re seeking.


Supervisory Work

There are some situations where a real estate attorney is required during specific proceedings, and in some specific places. This might be relevant to you, because in South Carolina, the law requires that a closing attorney be present at the close of any real estate transaction. We’re available to step in as and when we’re needed for our clients, and you’ll surely be glad that you have a legal head on hand if any complications or difficulties arise.


Highly Qualified

One of the major advantages of using a real estate lawyer through Steltzner Law Firm is that you’ll have access to some of the best and brightest attorneys in the Rock Hill area. We have a number of highly certified and reputable lawyers available, all you need to do is reach out to arrange a consultation.

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