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Corporate & Business Law

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At Steltzner Law Firm, many of the real estate law and closing situations that we deal with are for residential property transactions and activities, and this is an area that our real estate lawyer and closing lawyer teams excel in – but we’re also available to help commercial clients, and can help with an array of situations relating to corporate and business law, under the umbrella of real estate law. If you run a commercial operation and you’re looking for legal assistance, either with purchasing a property, foreclosure, or anything else, we have the experience and licensed professionals to assist you. You can always find out more about the various ways we can intervene in your situation, and why we’re the team to choose, by reading on below. Otherwise, our customer service team is available over the phone to answer your questions.


Commercial Property Transactions

Purchasing a property can be a complicated business. You need to find a site that has the practical elements that you need, but still falls within your budget, and once you’ve found somewhere suitable, negotiating a reasonable price is another hurdle to overcome. These difficulties are only increased when it’s a commercial property, as the demands on the site are more specialized, and the costs involved tend to be higher as well. We’re adept at assisting our clients with the purchase of commercial properties (as well as the sale of them), ensuring that the process is as straightforward and streamlined as possible.


Flexible Assistance

Of course, we’re happy to help our commercial clients with matters beyond the acquisition of commercial property too. In the past, we’ve provided assistance with commercial lease agreements and disputes, eminent domain situations, new construction agreements, and so many more situations. This is just a drop in the ocean with regard to the ways that we’ve helped our commercial clients at one time or another in the past.


Business Coverage

You might be wondering whether we have the right kind of fit for your specific commercial enterprise, and if that’s the case, there’s no reason to worry. Over the years, we’ve provided legal guidance and assistance for all sorts of commercial clients. Some of the businesses we’ve helped have been small startups with only a few employees, but we’re also adept at handling much larger operations, and we’re happy to help in either case. If you’re not sure whether we’ll have the resources or specialized knowledge to handle your business, our customer service team is likely to have the answers that you’re seeking.


Foreclosure Defense

It’s possible that, if financial performance doesn’t live up to expectations, you could be in a spot of trouble with foreclosure – and the possibility of losing your assets. We’re capable of providing robust foreclosure defense for our commercial clients, and we’ve managed this to great success in the past. We’ll provide a foreclosure attorney to make sure that you avoid the worst outcomes, and are able to refinance effectively going forward.

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